My art form is writing. I appreciate the visual arts and film. Dance leaves me pretty cold. Sculpture I find a very mixed bag. But music—sometimes I’m certain that music is the greatest art form of all, the art form with the most power to transport us and move us.

No doubt you have similar preferences. A question that then arises is, “If you consider one art form greater than another art form, isn’t that where you should put your efforts?” Of course, the answer is, “No, not necessarily.” There are plenty of good reasons not to try your hand at a different art form just because you judge it as “higher.” But despite those good reasons, the question still has the power to disturb us.

Every time we dream up a reason not to value our work, perhaps by unconsciously and unwittingly holding some other art form as better or greater, we reduce our motivation to create and weaken our grip on art-making. Be careful is this regard. Even if you truly love and revere a different art form, do not turn that love and reverence into a reason not to do your work. Be careful not to make any comparisons that lead, consciously or unconsciously, to creative blockage!

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