Nature is not a placid sort of thing, not to artists! Here are ten artists on wild nature:


“I try to work all over the canvas at once, because I feel that the forces of nature are unpredictable.”– Nell Blaine

“Snow. Beauty everywhere, nothing but beauty. And maddening shapes, with the whole world in them.”– Alfred Stieglitz

“I haven’t attacked the violence of nature yet. That’s another stage of my development.”– Mark Haltof

“I have a terrible lucidity at moments, these days when nature is so beautiful.”– Vincent van Gogh

“A sculptor inspired by nature creates figures that correspond to a roaring storm, to the building up and breaking of waves.”– Ernst Barlach

“Look at the winds. The winds do not know boundaries. The winds at Chernobyl did not stop blowing at the border of Russia.”– Helene Aylon

“Alone I hiked into the wilderness, onto glaciers, into the mountains, miles away from human contact. My normal understanding of concepts like vast and immense no longer rang true.”– Gilah Yelin Hirsch

“Clay is rain, dead leaves, dust, and all my ancestors.”– Martine Vermeulen

“I paint places backlit with brilliant sunset colors that only a third-stage smog alert can produce.”– Tom Jenkins

“No slow early morning walks in the country for me. Mountains collapse, rivers reclaim, skies open up, caves swallow.”– Ira Joel Haber


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