Need a little personality upgrade? Who doesn’t!

Think of some aspect of your personality that you’d like to upgrade (e.g., “I’d like to feel more confident.”).

Next, create a thought or two that supports your personality upgrade and that you’d like to use in real life situations (e.g. “I’m perfectly confident,” “I can do this,” “This is right up my alley,” etc.).

Third, picture a real life art marketplace situation that calls for this personality upgrade. Get a good picture of the situation in mind and describe what actions you will take so as to be actually living this personality upgrade (e.g., walking into a gallery confidently, taking the time you need to gather yourself before you introduce yourself to the gallery owner, etc.).

To summarize this exercise: 1) choose a personality upgrade; 2) create some thoughts that go with the upgrade; and 3) picture a real life situation and describe what actions you will take that align with that upgrade.

Not a bad way to start the new year !

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