We tend to associate the word “grandeur” with events like royal weddings and sights like the Grand Canyon. Hotels are grand, canals are grand, and cruise ships are grand. But something about that way of thinking prevents us from demanding grandeur from the other stuff of existence, like an image that we craft, a jam that we jar, or a kiss that we give.

Demand more grandeur!

Think about your own life. What last stirred feelings of grandeur in you? My hunch is that you were last stirred by music, a film, a passage in a book or a piece of art. You stopped, listened to the music, and said to yourself “How beautiful!” or “How powerful!” or “This is good stuff!” You were transported.

In the back of your mind you whispered “I should be creating and doing work this strong.” You said to yourself, but maybe not in a way that you could hear the message clearly, “Without beauty like this I would die.”

There are things that arise from our heart, our head, and our hands with the power to move our fellow human beings. That is so grand! Demand a little more grandeur from your life and from your own creative work!

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