How do you get started on a creative project? One way is to wait until inspiration arrives. But who knows when that flash will come? A better way is to get into the habit of working!

Carve out a little time each day, maybe bright and early before your “real” day begins, and get in the habit of working on your creative projects at the same time each day, five days a week (or six or seven!).
There are three important reasons to institute a morning creativity practice.

The first reason is the obvious one—you’ll be getting a lot of creative work done! Even if only a percentage of what you do pleases you, by virtue of working regularly you’ll start to create a body of work. That’ll feel good!

A second reason is that you get to make use of your “sleep thinking”—you get to make use of whatever your brain has been thinking about all night. Create first thing and capture those thoughts and images that have been percolating all night!

The third reason is that, by creating first thing, you’ll have the experience of making some meaning on that day and the rest of the day can be half-meaningless and you won’t get depressed! Getting right to your creative work first thing each day will provide you with a sense of meaningfulness!

You can wait for inspiration or you can institute a morning creativity practice. Instituting that practice is the much better bet!

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