It’s hard to make art and it’s hard to sell art. How much harder is all that if your family isn’t behind you or actively undercuts your efforts?

Why would a family member undercut you? Maybe your mate is pressuring you to make money and contribute to the family income. Maybe your child is upset with the amount of time you spend in the studio. Maybe your parent continues to deride your efforts and continues to predict financial failure for you. These family members may well have their point: but that they have a point still ultimately amounts to a felt lack of support and makes it that much harder for you to feel good about your choice to make and market art.

In this series will tease apart some of these family difficulties and point the way to some things you might try to make your family life better and more supportive. As a complement to this series, I hope you’ll get your hands on my new class with called Overcoming Your Difficult Family. It’s a low cost, pick-your-own price class that recently went to #1 among dailyom’s many classes. Grab it and use it as “the text” for this series. Here’s the link:

Next week we’ll get started. Hardly anything is more discouraging than having your already difficult art life made more difficult by family dynamics that undermine your efforts and that reduce your desire and will to continue. Next week we’ll begin to look at what you can do to make this situation better. Between now and then I hope you’ll pick up Overcoming Your Difficult Family.

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