Step 3. Decide to Start

Ever had the experience of not being able to find the edge on a roll of packing tape, getting frustrated, and just giving up, for the moment at least? It turns out that something similar can happen as we dream about running our class, workshop or retreat. We may be completely ready to run that class, workshop or retreat but just can’t seem to find the place to start. And so, out of frustration, we never begin.

It can seem like such a confusing chicken-and-egg problem. Should we find the venue first? Or pick the very best date? Or get our mailing list longer first? Or get the description done first? Or first find a web designer for the webpage we know we are going to need? Or … each choice seems to have some other choice as a prerequisite!

The short answer of course is: start somewhere. One sequence might be the following: decide whether you are running a class, workshop or retreat—make that decision. Then describe the class, workshop or retreat. This may take many drafts. Then research venues (unless it is online, of course). Then decide on the dates. Then decide on the price. Then decide on how you will market it and promote it.

The main decision to make is the following one: to start! Really demanding of yourself that you will do this and that you will start somewhere are the first steps. Each step will require choosing, which is difficult and anxiety-producing: choosing whether to run this class or that class, choosing whether to run it live or online, deciding on whether to charge a little, so as to perhaps attract more folks, or a lot, so as to make more money, and so on. You will need to make a zillion choices along the way and, knowing that, you may not want to start at all. Don’t get deterred by the prospect of all that choosing!

Begin. To have classes, workshops and retreats in your future, you must begin!


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