Sometimes a marketplace player cools to us because we haven’t been selling well. This happens all the time. A gallery owner who loved your last suite of paintings is completely cold to your new paintings, even though in your estimation they are better, for no other reason than that your previous paintings failed to sell. She may say that directly—or, more likely, she will say that obliquely, for instance by asserting, “Your new paintings don’t strike me as being commercial enough.”

Is there anything we can do to heat up a marketplace player who has cooled to us by virtue of our poor sales record? The short answer is, “Not that much.” We can try to make an argument as to why these paintings will sell better than our last paintings; we can ask if there is anything to make them “more commercial” (though if she says that there is, and we actually make those changes, she may well still not want them, as our poor sales numbers are still there to haunt us); we can ask our representative, if we have one, if she has any good ideas about how to massage the situation (she probably will not); we can let some time pass and try again, etc. But as likely as not—and as painful as it may be—we will probably have to move on. Once a marketplace player cools to us, they tend to stay cool.

If you’ve had some success heating up a marketplace player after she has cooled to you, drop me a line and let me know what worked for you. I’m happy to share that with our community! This is a completely common occurrence, this cooling off, and it will prove excellent if we can amass a repertoire of things to try if and when we find ourselves in that situation. So if something along those lines has worked for you, drop me a line at and let me know!

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