Here are 4 tips for completing your creative projects:

One. Don’t believe that this is your “best idea ever” (and therefore feel scared that there will be nothing coming next after this one is done). A new idea will percolate up once this project is finished!

Two. Don’t dither around with this project because you fear having to judge it, show it to the world, and try to sell it. Embrace those aspects of process. The appraising, showing and selling are coming. Don’t keep putting them off!

Three. Don’t get stuck on some “last decision,” like whether or not that little red patch works or whether to keep the prologue in or take the prologue out. Decide! There will be some final choices to make—make them.

Four. Don’t get stuck on the fence between wanting to reveal your truth and being afraid to reveal your truth. If you mean to take certain risks—take them! If you prefer not to, know that. Don’t get stuck on that fence!

Err on the side of completing things rather than abandoning them or working on them “forever.” You can only create a body of work by completing your creative projects.

To completions!

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