Many visual artists also write or want to write. Nothing could be more natural: someone interested in expressing herself, sharing her vision, and having a voice is likely to want to manifest those desires in all the ways available to her, painting and writing being two of those ways.

But it’s hard to find the time to pursue two artistic disciplines and it’s also hard to “switch your brain” from thinking about your current mural to your current novel and back again in an effortless way, as your neurons have collected and connected to think about one of those two things and aren’t inclined to release their grip all that easily. So some tactics are required to switch from painting to writing and back again in an effective way.

Here is one tactic. Paint all week long; and on Friday evening, just before you go to bed, give your brain “permission” to think about what you’re writing by giving yourself a sleep thinking prompt that might sound like, “I wonder what Mary wants to say to John in chapter 3?” or “I wonder how I might organize my ebook?” Then turn directly to your writing on Saturday morning.

Devote as much of Saturday to your writing as you can. In this “system” you will only be writing one day a week, but writing even one day a week is much better than not getting to your writing at all; and your words will accumulate over time. This is a better procedure than wanting to get to your writing but never quite managing to do so.

If you want to learn more tactics and be supported in your writing efforts, you might want to join my support group for writers than begins in July. The support group is designed to help you get your fiction or nonfiction book written (and published). You may also join if you’re working on a screenplay, a stage play, a memoir, a poetry chapbook, a collection of shorter pieces, etc.

You sign up for three-month increments. The cost is $175/month. The group supports one another in the following ways. There is one individual half-hour coaching chat with me a month and also a monthly group chat. In addition, we form an email-based group where participants ask questions, share their progress, and get help in overcoming obstacles. I’m sure the July group will prove an excellent experience!

The group is limited to 12 – 15 participants. Please come aboard as soon as you can. This is a wonderful opportunity to work directly with me on your book project and to feel supported in the process by your fellow writers. Do register now!




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