Among the interesting things I’m learning as I conduct interviews for an upcoming Life Purpose Boot Camp symposium is how long it takes folks to make a life change even after the meaning has drained out of their current enterprise—out of their profession, say, their primary relationship or even their belief system.

Folks know that a change is necessary and they also know that they will be forced to make one at some point because life is untenable. Yet on average it still takes them five years to make that change.

What a poignant number, five years. That is a long time to live in misery knowing that you ought to make a big change and not finding the wherewithal to make it.

There are obvious reasons why it is taking so long. It is hard to give up a paycheck, it is hard to pronounce that a relationship is over, it is hard to chuck your identity or your belief system—plus, the next thing comes with no guarantees.

The reasons why it takes so long to make necessary changes are many. And still, wouldn’t it be lovely if we could make those changes a little more quickly and not spend those five years in pain, treading water?

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