My new book Life Purpose Boot Camp comes out in about a month. Life Purpose Boot Camp is an 8-week program that does something really interesting. First, it explains the relationship between meaning and life purpose. Second, it describes a process for making strong life purpose choices and manifesting those choices on a daily basis.

Manifesting those choices every day is quite a trick! Therefore I provide a lot of tools that help. One suggestion I make is that you create a life purpose icon that reminds you in a visual way of how you want to live. This is a pretty unique idea and Professional Artist Magazine, where I also write, is going to create a Facebook page where folks can share their life purpose icons. I think that is going to be quite amazing and I look forward to telling you more about that!

In the meantime, you might want to pre-order your copy of Life Purpose Boot Camp right now. Usually books come out a little sooner than you might expect <smile>, so you might get your copy pretty soon! To pre-order Life Purpose Boot Camp, please visit here:


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