This week (April 7 – 9) I’m hosting a completely free virtual conference on emotional healing. I’ve conducted more than a dozen video interviews with some top folks – Alex Lickerman on the undefeated mind, the poet Mark Nepo on healing and presence, Melanie Greenberg on great coping strategies, Guy Winch on emotional first aid – so many! You can get your free ticket here.

Artists are human beings first of all and can be emotionally wounded in all of the ways that human beings can be wounded, by a lack of early love and solid attachments, by early abuse and criticism, by tormenting parents, siblings, friends, or teachers—in all the human ways. This emotional wounding produces serious emotional distress and all sorts of unwanted physical and psychological symptoms. This is the human story.

In addition, artists are often emotionally wounded in unique and characteristic ways. Their early efforts may be criticized. Their very artistic nature may be criticized as impractical, snobbish, effete, and attacked as an affront to “real” working men and women everywhere. Or, on the other hand, their creative efforts may be praised, but in such a way that the young artist begins to think that she is loved, if at all, only for what she can do and not for who she is. Both a lack of support and a certain kind of “praise instead of genuine love” can hurt.

There are so many remarkably sound things that artists can try to reduce their experience of emotional distress and heal their emotional wounds. There are ceremonies to engage in, cognitive switches to make, healing rituals to inaugurate, coping strategies to learn, and much more. My expert guests have a lot to share with you about what actually heals. Please come join me for the completely free emotional healing virtual conference that begins on Monday. I hope to see you there!

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