Are you a performer—a musician, an actor, a public speaker, or anyone who has to make presentations? Maybe 2014 is your time to get a handle on one or more of the following top ten performers’ challenges!

1. Performance anxiety. Is performance anxiety an issue for you? Really learn and own at least one anxiety management technique that works for you!

2. Rehearsal and practice. Do you have trouble maintaining discipline around rehearsing and practicing? Make this the year that you commit to a regular, daily, even sacred rehearsal routine!

3. Collaborations. Do you have lots of “relationship issues” with your fellow musicians, with studio producers, with club owners? Make 2014 the year you work on your relationship skills! Maybe you need to compromise more or maybe you need to assert yourself more—time to figure that out!

4. Gigs. Want and need to work more? If no one is getting you gigs, you’ve got to get them yourself! Make 2014 the year you reach out more, call in favors, do more research, and get more gigs!

5. Recordings. Keep saying that you’re going to make a recording of your music? And keep putting that off? Make 2014 the year that you get that done, whether it’s a single song, a demo of three or four songs, or a full album! Work out the details, get organized, manage your anxiety, and get it done!

6. Create. Harbor the desire to write your own songs? Want to put together a solo performance piece? Want to create as well as perform? Designate 2014 as the year to start doing that!

7. Reviews. Do criticism, rejection, negative reviews, and even mildly unpleasant feedback knock you for a loop? Grow a thicker skin in 2014!

8. Network. Need to know more people in order to have success? Get to know them! Reach out via email, list serves, and in person! Make “networking” a 2014 mantra.

9. Repertoire. Been saying for the longest time that you need to increase your repertoire? Choose 2014 as the year to grow that repertoire!

10. Personal style. Notes alone don’t make music. Words alone don’t make a script or a presentation. Do you want to acquire and master your personal style? Pin that up as a 2014 high priority intention!

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