Think Big!

What would help you think big and see yourself mastering large projects and getting known in the world? Let’s take a look!

Most people can’t answer the question, how can I think bigger about my art and my career? They don’t know what inner movement would allow them to see themselves equal to tackling enormous projects or becoming a star in their field.

If they do come up with an answer, it typically sounds like “Maybe I need to find more time” or “Maybe I need to recover from my early traumas.” Rarely do they come upon the right answer: “I need to surrender to my own greatness.”

Obstacles like a lack of time or a problematic past are real. But the main task is to surrender to a vision of yourself as great, capable, special and big: to surrender to that vision with a huge sigh and to embrace its power.

Such a way of thinking is radically different from our ordinary self-conception. Usually we feel more comfortable thinking of ourselves. It’s time to make the move in the direction of your own greatness!

What does this surrender sound like? The actress Helen Hayes once said, “Short as I am, I played the tallest queen in history. I thought tall, I felt tall—and I looked talk.” It sounds like that! Affirm your greatness. Say, “I surrender. I am great! I am.” You aren’t saying anything narcissistic, grandiose or arrogant. You’re simply saying that you have greatness in you and that you intend to manifest that greatness. That isn’t ego, that’s intention!

Think bigger and embrace your greatness. Yes, you will have to work hard to manifest it. But the first step is announcing it!


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