2015- 2016

Eric Maisel

Eric Maisel

Highlights of 2015 and 2016 include my Future of Mental Health initiatives. You can learn more about them at In 2016 I will be offering new classes that describe the “mental health helper of the future,” human experience specialists. To learn more about these human experience specialist classes please visit here.

Also of note are my Deep Writing workshops, which I offer at some of the world’s most desirable locations. You can take a Deep Writing workshop at one of the great workshop centers like Esalen (April, 2016 in California), Omega (September, 2016 in New York), or Kripalu (March, 2016 in Massachusetts). I’ll also be offering Deep Writing workshops in San Francisco (June, 2016) and likely in Paris (May, 2016). For a complete schedule of Deep Writing workshops please visit here.

You also have the opportunity to train as a creativity coach and take one of my online creativity coaching trainings. These trainings commence in February, June, and September and provide a wonderful opportunity, no matter where you live or what your work schedule, to learn the art and practice of creativity coaching and creativity self-coaching.

You can use these trainings as professional trainings to become a creativity coach or to add creativity coaching to your therapy practice or life coaching practice. Or you can take them for personal growth reasons and to help you more effectively lead the artist’s life. To learn more about my creativity coaching trainings please visit here.

In 2016 I’ll also be offering Life Purpose Boot Camp Instructor trainings. There is no better way to explore meaning and life purpose and no better service to provide to others than to lead them through the powerful experience of Life Purpose Boot Camp as a Life Purpose Boot Camp instructor. Learn more here.

To keep posted on my books, activities, and services please subscribe to our newsletter. If you’d like to engage in individual creativity coaching there is more information here at the coaching services page. Please enjoy your visit to this site! I can always be reached at and I look forward to hearing from you.


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