Quick Meaning Repair for Artists

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This week I want to introduce you to the following habit: the habit of quick meaning repair. Every day we’re bombarded by small (and sometimes large) threats to our experience of life as meaningful. Maybe you submit your slides to a gallery and get a particularly painful rejection. Suddenly painting (and life itself) may seem that much less meaningful. Or maybe you’ve invested meaning in your home graphics business. Just as you’re about to launch your business you notice...

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Emotional Wellness Tip #1

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Here’s an emotional wellness tip that may really serve you—whether you’re an artist or not! Say that a feature of your original personality is that you’re prone to sadness. At one time it was assumed that a full quarter of human beings were born “melancholic.” Whether or not this view is accurate, it’s certainly the case that we come into the world with hard-wired proclivities, including for some of us a vulnerability to sadness. Say this is you. Then a skill you would want...

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Emotional Healing for Artists

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This week (April 7 – 9) I’m hosting a completely free virtual conference on emotional healing. I’ve conducted more than a dozen video interviews with some top folks – Alex Lickerman on the undefeated mind, the poet Mark Nepo on healing and presence, Melanie Greenberg on great coping strategies, Guy Winch on emotional first aid – so many! You can get your free ticket here. http://www.entheos.com/conferences/Emotional-Healing/Eric-Maisel Artists are human beings first of all...

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