Safe Art or Engaged Art?

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Many artists do not recognize the extent to which they are silenced, in their life and in their art, by the unconscious injunction not to make waves and by the corollary injunctions not to speak, not to have a point of view, not to have a voice, not to lead, not to threaten, and not to disturb. All of this must necessarily play itself out in the subject matter choices that artists make—that is, whether to paint “calm and safe” paintings or “wild and radical paintings” (the...

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5 Simple Tactics for Creating in Recovery

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This first appeared on 5 SIMPLE TACTICS FOR CREATING IN RECOVERY Many ghosts, demons, and new challenges confront a creative person when he first enters recovery. On top of all the common challenges that any person experiences in early recovery—the cravings, the longings, the triggers, the old habits, the peer pressure to use, and so on—additional challenges face the creative...

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Artistic Success as a Risk Factor for Addiction

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This post first appeared on ARTISTIC SUCCESS AS A RISK FACTOR FOR ADDICTION At first glance it might seem that a creative or performing artist who manages to achieve significant success might reduce his risk factors for addiction, since now he has fewer money worries and is less plagued by the chronic unemployment issues and chronic career pressures that challenge most...

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