Emotional Wellness Tip #1

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Here’s an emotional wellness tip that may really serve you—whether you’re an artist or not! Say that a feature of your original personality is that you’re prone to sadness. At one time it was assumed that a full quarter of human beings were born “melancholic.” Whether or not this view is accurate, it’s certainly the case that we come into the world with hard-wired proclivities, including for some of us a vulnerability to sadness. Say this is you. Then a skill you would want...

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Emotional Healing for Artists

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This week (April 7 – 9) I’m hosting a completely free virtual conference on emotional healing. I’ve conducted more than a dozen video interviews with some top folks – Alex Lickerman on the undefeated mind, the poet Mark Nepo on healing and presence, Melanie Greenberg on great coping strategies, Guy Winch on emotional first aid – so many! You can get your free ticket here. http://www.entheos.com/conferences/Emotional-Healing/Eric-Maisel Artists are human beings first of all...

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Repeating Art

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Are you worried that you may be repeating yourself in your art and not moving forward? Indeed, a creativity coaching client recently said to me, “I just painted something I really like. But it looks an awful lot like something I painted years ago. Is that a problem? Does that mean that I’m repeating myself or maybe not making progress?” Do you ask yourself these same questions? The headline is that there can’t be a one-size-fits-all answer to a question like this. An artist...

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