The Art Show She Might Have Had

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People come with a past and a personality. Marsha was no exception. Her sister’s accidental death at the age of twelve and her family’s collapse after that terrible death robbed Marsha of something: joy; confidence; hope for her own future; something. It also seemed to rob her of her health. She grew sickly; she suffered with a chronic earache; and it made painting, which was the light of her life, painful and difficult. So she produced little—lovely things, but only...

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Sadistic Chairs

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I was visiting with an editor at a well-known magazine in her midtown Manhattan skyscraper offices. I commented on the chairs in the waiting room, which were sort of like bar stools only pointy, tall, and sadistically uncomfortable. I said to her, “Wow, those chairs seem not only uncomfortable but uncomfortable on purpose.” To which she replied, “That’s our boss. He makes everything uncomfortable on purpose.” The day jobs that artists must tolerate are not just time-eaters...

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Daily Creativity Tips

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Beginning in the new year I’ll be offering daily creativity tips to folks in my private gathering space on I’ll also be chatting with folks, answering questions, and being of general help <smile>. Please come join my gathering! Here is the place to go: This is a private, password protected space, so you will need to both create an account with and send me a request. But that privacy will serve us...

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