Cezanne’s Apple

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Cezanne famously said, “With an apple I will astonish Paris!” What he meant was, “Using an ordinary apple as my starting point, a subject painted a million times before, I will make some new meaning because of my artistic vision, my facility with a brush, my personal response to nature, and my commitment to see really clearly.” That is only a part of the story, however. What Cezanne could only know much less well—what each of us can only know in a hazy way about...

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Hankering for Another Medium?

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I often work with clients in the visual arts who aren’t quite satisfied with working in just their main medium. Maybe they make encaustic tiles—but they want to work in Plexiglas too. Maybe they take traditional photographs—but they want to somehow use those photographs in some multi-media way. Maybe they paint watercolors—but they also want to build fanciful miniature gardens. Some artists seem to love one thing and aren’t pestered by the need for additional creative...

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Robin Williams and the Forgotten Question: Meaning and Life Purpose

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In the wake of the suicide of Robin Williams the following is important to consider. Providers of mental health services tend not to take a client’s meaning needs and life purpose concerns into account. How often is a client asked, “Tell me a little bit about your life purpose choices and decisions” or “Are you more a meaning-maker or a meaning-seeker?” The answer: virtually never. These sorts of questions are not part of the everyday landscape that mental health service...

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