How Artists Can Sell to Tourists, Part 1

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Artists who hope to make money need customers. The tens of millions of tourists who travel annually comprise one category of customer. Some tourists come to a given locale like Santa Fe, Provincetown, or Carmel for the art; others include gallery hopping in a New York, London, or Berlin as one of their intended activities. But most tourists do not set out to meet artists or to purchase art when they travel. In order to turn these tourists—the vast majority—into customers,...

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When Your Gallery Owner Cools to You

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Sometimes a marketplace player cools to us because we haven’t been selling well. This happens all the time. A gallery owner who loved your last suite of paintings is completely cold to your new paintings, even though in your estimation they are better, for no other reason than that your previous paintings failed to sell. She may say that directly—or, more likely, she will say that obliquely, for instance by asserting, “Your new paintings don’t strike me as being commercial...

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Handling the Weight of Individuality

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It is a creative person’s individuality that defines her. Most people are conventional and prize conformity; some people prize their individuality. Even if she trains herself to hold her tongue, an individual who prizes her individuality will already know as a young child that she can’t conform and that she wasn’t built to conform. Looking around, unable to understand why people are acting so conventionally, starting to feel alienated, out of place, and like a “stranger in...

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