Change Your Mood With One Magic Sentence

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It is possible to change your relationship to your moods—and over time change your moods themselves. You accomplish this by learning how to lead with your life purposes and by making the decision that your life purposes are going to trump your moods. That is, you make the decision that how you intend to live your life is more important to you than some transitory mood, even a deeply entrenched one like chronic sadness that presents you with down feelings on a daily basis....

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Are You An Overweight Artist?

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It is hard to pay attention to everything in life – to our art, to our career, to all of our other responsibilities … and to our eating. There are many reasons for our preoccupation with food, unhealthy eating patterns, and general insatiability. An important reason, rivaling the powers of culture, biology, and psychology to produce disordered eating, is a lack of meaning and life purpose. We use food as a meaning substitute and try to eat our way to meaning. Most people do...

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Five Meaning Opportunities

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Making art is no doubt one of your primary meaning opportunities. But for a rich and complete life, human beings need multiple meaning opportunities—a full menu of meaning opportunities. Here are five to consider. One. Service Being of help feels meaningful. It is a service, for example, to make things easier rather than harder for the people around you, to hold the vision and values of your community, company, or family when that vision blurs, to spontaneously provide your...

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Shared Studio Blues

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Say that you have a studio mate and that you get along pretty well with her. Her paintings look nothing like yours, so you aren’t competing; she isn’t chatty; she has no habits that particularly annoy you. But then one day she comes over to your side of the studio, watches you work for a while, and then says with a critical air, “You know, your sky would work better if you varied the tones more.” This is no huge insult; it may not be an insult at all. Even though she said...

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Working in Borrowed Spaces

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Last week I shared how artists deal with the anxiety of art deadlines. Here are some additional tactics! Tamara explained: I find that accountability to another human, set up at the beginning of the project and kept up throughout, is really important. When I know that I am going to have to report in to someone regarding a specific goal, it makes me feel embarrassed when I don’t meet it.  The fear of embarrassment thus spurs me on. — a fabulous, free...

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Handling the Anxiety of Art Deadlines

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Here are some thoughts from working artists about how they deal with the anxiety of deadlines. Jerry explained: The thing that works best for me is to have a written calendar that I can look at all at once with all the year’s deadlines written down.  If I need to frame, the time for that is written down, if two shows are coming up I’ll finish the work for one and start on the other, and so on. Keeping in contact with your gallery is also written down as something to...

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