Which Life Will You Choose?

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I was chatting with a coaching client yesterday about the difference between an “or” life and an “and” life. The people that I know—artist, writers, musicians, coaches, therapists—are confronted on a daily basis with the question, “Should I do this today or this today or this today?” For an artist, this might sound like, “Should I spend hours on that grant proposal which I probably have no chance of landing or spend time framing my paintings even though that always...

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Only Thinking Thoughts That Serve You

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Let’s focus on one of the most important self-help strategies you can adopt: strategically deciding to only think thoughts that serve you. This is a different idea from related ideas of cognitive therapy that you may already know. Here the focus isn’t on whether a thought is rational or irrational, positive or negative, or even true or false. The focus is laser-like on whether or not the thought serves you. If it doesn’t serve you, stop thinking it! Here are two true,...

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9 Keys to Choosing Your Artist’s Role in Society

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Last week I described 12 roles that artists can play in society. This week I’d like to continue that discussion. Most artists never think through how they want to relate to their society or what role they want to adopt as an artist. Rather, they fall rather by accident into one role or another or into one relationship or another. Let’s say that you want to prove the exception and mindfully choose your relationship to your society. Here are nine tips for doing that: First,...

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