Do People Walk All Over You?

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A painter complained to me that her friends, the organizations where she volunteered her time, family members, and the few gallery owners with whom she dealt regularly took advantage of her. I asked her what her role was in this unfortunate dynamic. She responded at length—but she never really answered. I wondered aloud if her very communication style—the way she had just responded to me—had been developed over time to spare her from saying things directly and clearly. I...

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The Painter’s Mind You Need

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Creating depends on having a mind quiet enough to allow ideas to bubble up. Living a successful, healthy life as an artist requires that your self-talk align with your goals and your aspirations. Your job is to quiet your mind and extinguish negative self-talk. These are your two most important tasks if you want a shot at living your best life in the arts. Here are some headlines: One. Recognize that you are the only one who can get a grip on your mind. There is no pill to...

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Are You a Painter Who Writes?

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Many visual artists also write or want to write. Nothing could be more natural: someone interested in expressing herself, sharing her vision, and having a voice is likely to want to manifest those desires in all the ways available to her, painting and writing being two of those ways. But it’s hard to find the time to pursue two artistic disciplines and it’s also hard to “switch your brain” from thinking about your current mural to your current novel and back again in an...

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Change Your Mood With One Magic Sentence

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It is possible to change your relationship to your moods—and over time change your moods themselves. You accomplish this by learning how to lead with your life purposes and by making the decision that your life purposes are going to trump your moods. That is, you make the decision that how you intend to live your life is more important to you than some transitory mood, even a deeply entrenched one like chronic sadness that presents you with down feelings on a daily basis....

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Are You An Overweight Artist?

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It is hard to pay attention to everything in life – to our art, to our career, to all of our other responsibilities … and to our eating. There are many reasons for our preoccupation with food, unhealthy eating patterns, and general insatiability. An important reason, rivaling the powers of culture, biology, and psychology to produce disordered eating, is a lack of meaning and life purpose. We use food as a meaning substitute and try to eat our way to meaning. Most people do...

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Five Meaning Opportunities

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Making art is no doubt one of your primary meaning opportunities. But for a rich and complete life, human beings need multiple meaning opportunities—a full menu of meaning opportunities. Here are five to consider. One. Service Being of help feels meaningful. It is a service, for example, to make things easier rather than harder for the people around you, to hold the vision and values of your community, company, or family when that vision blurs, to spontaneously provide your...

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