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Eric Maisel

Eric Maisel

Dr. Eric Maisel is the author of more than 40 books. His interests include creativity, the creative life, and the field of creativity coaching, which he founded; and the areas of meaning, life purpose, mental health, and mental health reform.

Dr. Maisel’s recent books include The Future of Mental Health: Deconstructing the Mental Disorder Paradigm (Transaction Publishers, 2015), Life Purpose Boot Camp (New World Library, 2014), Settled (Motivational Press, 2014), Secrets of a Creativity Coach (Motivational Press, 2014), Why Smart People Hurt (Conari Press, 2013), Making Your Creative Mark (New World Library, 2013), Rethinking Depression (New World Library, 2012), Mastering Creative Anxiety (New World Library, 2011), and (with his wife Ann Maisel) Brainstorm: Harnessing the Power of Productive Obsessions (New World Library, 2010).

His books for creative and performing artists include Fearless Creating, Coaching the Artist Within, Secrets of a Creativity Coach, The Creativity Book, Affirmations for Artists, Performance Anxiety, Write Mind, Deep Writing, A Writer’s Space, A Writer’s Paris, A Writer’s San Francisco, and Creativity for Life.

His books on life purpose, meaning, mental health, and mental health reform include The Future of Mental Health, Life Purpose Boot Camp, Why Smart People Hurt, Brainstorm, Rethinking Depression, and The Van Gogh Blues.

Visit here for a complete description of Dr. Maisel’s books, including readers’ and reviewers’ comments and purchase information.

Dr. Maisel, widely regarded as America’s foremost creativity coach, maintains a coaching practice, trains creativity coaches, and provides core trainings for the Creativity Coaching Association. For more information about his individual services please visit here and for more information about his creativity coaching trainings please visit here.

Dr. Maisel leads workshops nationally and internationally. He presents at workshop centers like Omega, Kripalu, Esalen, Hollyhock, and Rowe, at events like the Paris Writers Workshop, conferences of organizations like Romance Writers of America and the American Psychological Association, and sponsored events in venues like San Francisco, New York, London, Paris and Berlin. To learn more about his workshops, please visit here. Workshops can be tailored to the needs of your group or organization. If you would like a workshop tailored to your needs, please contact Dr. Maisel at ericmaisel@hotmail.com

To learn more about Dr. Maisel’s mental health reform efforts, please visit http://www.thefutureofmentalhealth.com or get your copy of The Future of Mental Health (Transaction Publishers)


Keynotes and Lectures

Dr. Maisel has delivered lectures and keynotes worldwide. Recently he has also begun providing keynotes, lectures and workshops virtually so that he can “appear” around the world.

His keynotes include:

• Jack London Writer’s Conference

• Pikes Peak Writer’s Conference

• William Saroyan Writer’s Conference

• Rising Sun Writer’s Conference

• Legacies International Lettering Conference

• Indiana Arts’ Administrators Conference

• Oklahoma Federation of Writers Conference

• Arizona State University Arts & Letters Convocation

• Mendocino Writer’s Conference

• Santa Fe Conference on Creative Tourism

• First International Lake George Creativity Conference

• London Design Your Creative Life Conference

• Antwerp A Day For Creativity Conference

• American Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic

• And many more


Cathe Olson, conference director, Central Coast Writer’s Conference: 

“I came across an article in Writer’s Digest about Eric Maisel and his creativity books. I knew right away that he would bring something different to our conference. And it seems that he was just what people were looking for! We had the biggest attendance we’d had in several years and a record number of new attendees to the conference. In fact, many people who didn’t consider themselves ‘writers’ decided to try the conference this year because of Maisel’s positive message of creativity. Maisel’s inspiring keynote speech set the tone for the conference and both of his workshops were full and received rave reviews in our evaluations. I’m so pleased I took a chance and did something different this year!”


Angie Vangalis, Director, Legacies 25th International Lettering Arts Conference:

“Thanks so much for your wonderful keynote! People were talking about it the whole week of the conference!”


Dr. Maisel has presented lectures at the following venues and many others:

• Romance Writers of America annual conference

• Novelists, Inc. conference

• Savannah College of Art and Design

• North Carolina School of the Arts

• San Francisco Conservatory of Music

• American Psychological Association annual conference

• California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists annual conference

• Aspen Creativity & Madness Conference

• Santa Fe Creativity & Madness Conference

• California Writers Club

• Writer’s Digest Writers Conference

• The American Conservatory Theater

• University of California at Berkeley Counseling Center

• Tennessee Williams Writers Conference

• Oklahoma State University

• Paris Writer’s Workshop

• The Inside Edge

• And many others



Dr. Maisel can provide a keynote geared to writers, visual artists, performers, or other creative or performing artists; to general audiences on life purpose and the creation of meaning; to businesses on creativity in business; and on other subjects. Contact Dr. Maisel to work out a keynote appropriate for your organization.

Dr. Maisel’s 3 Primary Keynotes are:

The Twelve Secrets of Personal Creativity

Creativity in Business: What Are We Really Talking About?

Keynotes can be tailored to your particular conference, organization, and audience.


The Twelve Secrets of Personal Creativity

Rethinking Depression: Shed the Label, Reclaim Your Power

Introduction to Creativity Coaching

Beating the Writing Blues

The Art of the Nonfiction Book Proposal

The Atheist’s Way: Living Well Without Gods

Mastering Creative Anxiety

Creativity in Business: What Are We Really Talking About?


Dr. Maisel’s keynotes and lectures are perfect for:

  • Writers’ Conferences
  • Visual Artists’ Conferences
  • Photographers’ Conferences
  • Musicians’ Conferences
  • Stage and Screen Conferences
  • Book Festivals
  • Arts Organization Conferences
  • Business Conferences
  • Coaching Conferences
  • Mental Health Conferences
  • College and University Lecture Series
  • Conservatory Events
  • Special Events and Fundraisers

To book Dr. Maisel contact him at ericmaisel@hotmail.com



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