Eric Maisel

Eric Maisel

Welcome! My name is Eric Maisel. Thank you for visiting my website.

Many things interest me and I provide a wide variety of services, trainings, workshops and products. My main interests are: 

+ Creativity and the rigors of the creative life

+ Deconstructing the current predominant mental disorder paradigm and providing alternatives to the “diagnose and treat” mental health model

+ Shifting our understanding from “the purpose of life” to making strong life purpose choices and from “the meaning of life” to cultivating the psychological experience of meaning

+ Examining the effects of authoritarian wounding and other traumatic experiences

+ Providing parents with an alternative vision to the current “mental disorders of childhood” mainstream picture and helping them raise strong, resilient kids 

My 2017 books:

+ Overcoming Your Difficult Family (New World Library)

+ Humane Helping (Routledge)

My 2018 books:

+ 60 Innovative Cognitive Strategies for the Bright, the Sensitive and the Creative (Routledge)

+ The Magic of Sleep Thinking (Dover reprint) 

+ Helping Survivors of Authoritarian Parents, Siblings and Partners (Routledge)

My 2019 books include:

+ Ten Zen Seconds (Dover reprint)

+ Helping Parents of Diagnosed, Distressed and Different Children (Routledge)

+ Healing the Artist Within (Dover)

In addition:

+ I train creativity coaches online three times a year, in February, June, and September of each year 

+ I facilitate deep writing workshops online, at conference centers like Kripalu, and in locations like Dublin.

+ My other trainings and workshops include Memoir Breakthrough, Make It Your Own, Life Purpose Boot Camp Instructor, and Peace and Purpose


+ I write the “Rethinking Mental Health” blog for Psychology Today. Visit to watch a 30-video “Parenting Today” interview series starting in September, 2018

+ I serve as the editor for parent resources at Mad in America

+ I provide downloadable programs that include 21 Days to Healing Trauma, Your Best Mind EverDiet Like You Mean It, and Your Great Coaching Career PLUS. You can find information on these at this site and also on Eric Maisel Solutions.

+ My more than 50 books include The Van Gogh Blues, Rethinking Depression, Coaching the Artist Within, and many others.

I hope that what I’m providing interests you and that we can make a connection. Please enjoy this site and my offerings.

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