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Eric Maisel

Welcome! My name is Eric Maisel. Thank you for visiting my website!

+ I’ve had 50+ books published on a variety of subjects. In 2017, I had two appear: Overcoming Your Difficult Family (New World Library) and Humane Helping (Routledge). In 2018 60 Innovative Cognitive Strategies for the Bright, the Sensitive and the Creative will appear from Routledge. 2018 will also see two of my books reprinted by Dover: The Magic of Sleep Thinking (formerly Sleep Thinking) and Ten Zen Seconds.

+ I facilitate trainings, workshops and classes online and around the world. I train creativity coaches online three times a year, in February, June, and September and run deep writing workshops at conference centers like Kripalu, Omega and Esalen and in locations like London, Paris, and Rome. I also conduct trainings to help participants become Life Purpose Boot Camp instructors and I work individually with coaching clients via Skype or phone.

+ I’m involved in the critical psychology and critical psychiatry movements. I serve as the editor for parent resources at Mad in America and my books in this area include The Future of Mental Health, Humane Helping, Rethinking Depression and Hearing Critical Voices.

+ One of the best ways to get introduced to my work is to grab my free Best of Eric Maisel sampler. You can get your free download here.

+ My “Rethinking Mental Health” blog on Psychology Today may interest you. I’ve conducted hundreds of print interviews with my colleagues in the critical psychology and critical psychiatry movements and those interviews, and other pieces that may interest you, are available there.

+ 2017 saw the release of several new downloadable programs, including Your Best Mind Ever, Diet Like You Mean It, and Your Great Coaching Career. You can find information on these at this site and also on Eric Maisel Solutions.


+ I will unveil an important new initiative in 2018: a Life Integration Training. Please visit here to learn more. Make sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter to learn more about my offerings.

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