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Welcome! My name is Eric Maisel and I’ve written more than 40 books on a wide variety of subjects, from the challenges of living the creative life to natural psychology, the new psychology of meaning.

My interests include creativity, meaning, life purpose, and mental health. I work with clients as a creativity coach, train creativity coaches, and provide core trainings for the Creativity Coaching Association. I also offer writing workshops around the world in places like London, Paris, Prague, Rome, New York and San Francisco and at workshop centers like Esalen, Kripalu and Omega.

I am an advocate for a changed and revitalized view of mental health services, one that does away with our current mental disorder naming system, and I write the Rethinking Psychology blog for Psychology Today. Some of my books in this area include Rethinking Depression, The Van Gogh Blues, and Brainstorm: Harnessing the Power of Productive Obsessions.

I am also an advocate for a global paradigm shift from seeking meaning to making meaning. I articulate a new way of looking at our psychological realities in natural psychology, the psychology of meaning that I’ve been developing. I’ve written about value-based meaning-making in many of my books and will present a complete picture in The Meaning Revolution, appearing in 2015.

In 2013 I had two books come out, Making Your Creative Mark (New World Library) and Why Smart People Hurt (Conari). In 2014 two new books will appear, Secrets of a Creativity Coach (Motivational Press) and Life Purpose Boot Camp (New World Library). My initiatives for 2014 include new Life Purpose Boot Camp Instructor trainings, biweekly live teleclasses with the Academy for Optimal Living, and my ongoing creativity coaching trainings and deep writing workshops.

If you’d like to work with me as a coaching client, take one of my trainings, invite me to speak, sponsor a workshop, interview me, or just chat, I look forward to hearing from you! Please enjoy this site.

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