The Great Writing Weekend

Experience Deep Writing in an online format!

I’ve facilitated Deep Writing workshops in Paris, London, Rome, Prague, Dublin, and other great world cities; and at workshop centers like Esalen, Kripalu, Art of Living, and Omega. Now I’m offering a weekend online version.

Doing Deep Writing this way, you will:

+ save on travel expenses

+ experience Deep Writing safely

+ have a heartfelt and heart-warming experience

+ get a lot of writing done!

We’ll spend a lovely weekend together in the following way. We’ll meet for 5 hours each day. We’ll start with a Zoom call, where I’ll present some important lessons. Then you’ll write. We’ll create a rhythm during our time together of camaraderie and writing. At the end of each day we’ll meet for a celebratory Zoom call where I’ll answers questions and where we’ll celebrate our efforts.

The hours will be 9 am – 2 pm pacific time, noon to 5 pm eastern time, and 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. London time, Saturday and Sunday

There are currently three dates scheduled. Come for one or more than one!

January 16 – 17, 2021
March 20 – 21, 2021
May 15 – 16, 2021

Cost: $125

For many years, my Deep Writing workshops have been a beloved experience. The Great Writing Weekend online will not be like joining me in London, Paris, or Rome. But we will have a memorable time, you will enjoy the company of like-minded people, and it will do wonders for your writing life. Come join me for a Great Writing Weekend!

“Eric Maisel listens deeply and responds with potent pragmatic wisdom. His clarity about the creative’s life processes yields succinct messages that have shifted and expanded my mind-set and meaning-making capacity. He inspires thoughts that serve and models compassion in creativity coaching. These gifts can be accessed in his books and they are a staple on my care-of-consciousness shelf; but an in-person or Zoom experience with him fortifies my resilience to live out my creativity.”—Gaynell

“This weekend I was invited by a friend to participate in a writing workshop led by Eric Maisel. I jumped at the opportunity and I am so grateful I did.I ghostwrite for an individual and often she gets all of my best work, leaving my projects undone. I wanted to work on me! His remarks on anxiety, his calm presence and his confidence will bring me back again and again. Thank you, Eric, for sharing your craft and wisdom.”—Donna

“Whenever Eric offers The Great Writing Weekend, I’ll do everything I can to attend. Each time, there is more to learn, more to write, more to share, more with which to connect. It’s called a writing retreat, yet it’s so much more. It’s a live-your-life-better workshop! His lessons seep into all areas of life, comforting and energizing us if we’ll allow it. Sign up for this workshop—you’ll be glad you did!”—Amy

“I just completed Eric Maisel’s online weekend writing workshop. It was a fabulous experience! The combination of Zoom meetings and writing sessions worked out perfectly. I got a great deal of writing done and learned a lot that is already proving very useful. I’m planning to sign up for another one soon!”—Grace

“I very much enjoyed participating in Eric Maisel’s weekend writing workshop. Eric guides participants and manages creative anxieties in a calm and focused manner. This weekend was just what I needed to reignite my dedication to my fiction project.”—Cristina

“I highly recommend Eric Maisel’s weekend deep writing workshop. After attending it, now, finally, at the age of 64, I am inspired to honor the writer within me. Eric communicates his extensive knowledge of the creative process with understanding and grace. His practices and techniques have helped me to understand my own process and to overcome the challenges that all writers face.”—Patricia

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