Nonfiction Book Proposal Workshop




In this 4-part, 3½ hour teleseminar with Dr. Maisel, hosted by the National Association of Women Writers, you learn how to craft a strong nonfiction book proposal, including how to create the overview, the marketing and promoting section, the credentials sections, the competing and complementary book section, the annotated table of contents, the sample chapter, and more.

Dr. Maisel’s workshop also helps you understand the natural evolution of book ideas, why book proposals morph, and how to deal with the realities of the publishing marketplace. This teleseminar is perfect whether you are just beginning to think about your nonfiction book idea, have been working on your proposal for some time, or have your book written and are ready to market it. Dr. Maisel, author of The Art of the Book Proposal, is an expert on book proposals, has presented on the subject at writers’ conferences nationally, and has helped individual writers prepare strong, marketable nonfiction book proposals that sold.