Kirism for Coaches


A Breakthrough Way of Working with Clients That Makes Coaching Easier and Deepens the Coaching Relationship

A six-week course for coaches

Eric Maisel teaches you his brand-new philosophy of life and how it works magic in the coaching relationship

Choose to make a real difference in the lives of your clients!


Date: 6-week online class beginning Monday, May 10, 2021

Cost: $295

Texts: Lighting the Way (provided), Kirism Study Guide (provided), additional lessons and materials (provided)

Method of delivery: Email and Zoom. Weekly lessons, dedicated question days, group involvement, camaraderie, and two Zoom calls (on Saturday, May 22, at 9 a.m. pacific/noon eastern time, and on Saturday, June 12, at 9 a.m. Pacific time/noon Eastern time). The calls will be recorded.



You can deepen and improve your coaching by providing clients with a framework that motivates them, that provides them with answers to the questions they are asking, and that helps them make sense of the many life challenges confronting them. 

If you’ve sometimes felt at sea with clients, if you’d had trouble focusing them because they seem “all over the map,” if you’ve had questions about “what to do next” in coaching, knowing about and using kirism can help you.  

Kirism is a complete, contemporary philosophy of life. Developed by Eric Maisel and introduced in Lighting the Way: How Kirism Answers Life’s Toughest Questions, kirism brings the idea of “life philosophy” into the twenty-first century. This is a brand-new, important contribution that will serve you personally—and make a world of difference in the lives of your clients.

A central coaching task is helping clients name their goals and achieve those goals. What makes this task much easier is providing a context for those goals. Kirism provides that context. Clients learn about ideas like meaning investments and meaning opportunities, the difference between “the purpose of life” and active life purpose choosing, how to take “a step to the side” to increase awareness, the art of “doing the next right thing” in support of their values and their goals, and much more. These are super-important ideas and can make all the difference between the coaching petering out or the coaching working beautifully.    

Clients can learn these invaluable ideas without ever needing to hear the word “kirism”! You can chat with clients about these ideas and provide them with this powerful context by using everyday language to create a brand-new picture of how life can be lived. You can do this whether or not you ever mention the word kirism. You can help them resolve their most intractable, long-standing issues—and you can do it in minutes. 

Yes, in just minutes. Helping clients move from the idea of “the purpose of life” to the reality of multiple life purposes, helping clients understand that activities that serve their meaning needs may not feel meaningful in the doing (such an important idea, especially for creatives struggling with their creative work), helping them remember and helping them re-experience why they and their efforts matter—all of this is easy to say and profoundly important. 

You never have to mention kirism, just as you could chat with a client about detachment without ever mentioning Buddhism or chat with a client about freedom without ever mentioning existentialism. You’ll learn great ways of presenting these ideas and the amazing art of using ordinary, everyday language to deepen and transform the coaching relationship.  


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