Get Your Book Written



Spend three months making real progress on your book!

Both a class and a support group, Get Your Book Written! is designed to help you get your book written (or considerably written) over the course of three months.

With weekly lessons, daily encouragement, self-paced weekend workshop pdfs, dedicated question days, Zoom calls and the twin blessings of support and accountability, you will make real progress on your book.

Start date: January 4, 2021 for January/February/March session
Start date: April 5, 2021 for April/May/June session
Start date: July 5, 2021 for July/August/September session
Start date: October 4, 2021 for October/November/December session

Method of delivery: Email/Zoom calls

$475 for first-time participants
$325 for repeat participants (a repeat participant is anyone who has taken one of Dr. Maisel’s workshops or trainings)

Please sign up now. Get Your Book Written! will fill up.

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