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Fall, 2019 Deep Writing will come to Vancouver, B.C. The dates are September 30 – October 4, 2019. This is my first “west coast” deep writing workshop in several years. I hope to see you there! The description of the workshop is below, as are endorsements from Deep Writing Paris 2018 and from other Deep Writing workshops. 

The virtues of the workshop are many: the lessons I provide are truly important and will help you maintain your writing life when you return home; there is no reading or critiquing of what you’re writing, making for a wonderfully safe environment; you’ll get to enjoy the company of like-minded writers; and you’ll spend a week in Vancouver, British Columbia, with enough time to explore and enjoy.

Be as budget or as luxe as you like. Flights, lodging and meal expenses are on your own. Characteristically we have one (always wonderfully memorable) group dinner and many mini-group gatherings as participants get to know one another, eat and drink together, visit sights together, and make friendships that last a lifetime. There is much more to a deep writing workshop than just the workshop hours. 

Come experience it for yourself … and if you’ve participated before, come experience it again!

Please get your deposit in, as this workshop will fill up.


Workshop description

My deep writing workshops are simple in structure and powerful in effect. During the workshop, you relearn how much writing means to you and you make real progress on your chosen project.

A genuinely safe environment is created because participants’ writing is neither shared nor critiqued. Rather, the group receives permission to spend time connecting with and falling back in love with their own writing.

Each writing session begins with an important lesson. You explore the unique challenges that writers face and have the opportunity to resolve longstanding issues around committing, planning and doing, generating mental energy, achieving a centered presence, mastering anxiety, and maintaining a writing life.

This workshop is ideal for writers of every level of experience, from published authors to writers who have yet to begin writing. It is likewise ideal for writers who want to discover what they want to write, who are hoping to get back to a beloved project, or who are immersed in a current project. Give yourself the gift of a week in the embrace of your own writing! 

“Eric Maisel’s Deep Writing Workshop provided me with the wisdom, warmth and encouragement I needed to return to my writing project, along with a no-nonsense rigor that helped me stay with it when the going got tough. Eric is a kind, generous and skilled group facilitator. An expert in his field, he creates a container in which transformation is truly possible.”—Vinita J., 2017 Brighton Deep Writing Workshop.


Praise for  Deep Writing

Paris 2018

“I signed up for Eric’s Deep Writing – Paris workshop after reading three of his books.  I loved the way Eric provided practical information in an engaging manner.  What an experience!  Eric brought a group of novice and seasoned writers together in a way that deepened our understanding of ourselves, our writing practice and our stories.  His understanding of the writing process and human behavior creates the space for creativity to breathe.  A wonderful week of devoted engagement with my writing, inspired learning around how to tame anxiety and get to work, meeting new friends – all surrounded by the beauty of Paris.  I was delighted with the progress made on my first novel – thank you Eric – loved the workshop!”—Colleen Bradley

“This weeklong immersion in writing, talking, and exploring ways to meet the challenges of creativity could not have been better.  In addition to gaining the benefits of Eric’s wisdom, men and women in the group (from six different countries with an age span of more than fifty years) learned from one another and set up a network to continue delivering encouragement during the years to come. How can you improve on that?”—Jan Jones

“There’s something magical that happens when you gather a group of writers together in a foreign city for a week. The way Eric Maisel structures the sessions means that you will get more words down on the page than you might ever have imagined was possible in a short space of time. There’s no critique, just creation coupled with Maisel’s considerable insight into managing yourself and your life as a writer. Highly recommended.”—Anita Chaudhuri 

“Spending a week deep writing in Paris with Eric Maisel and twenty-five other writers is simply the best way to forward your writing practice. The luxury of settling into the energy of the room and dropping into the writing trance, interspersed with lessons from Eric, is a gift you can give yourself that will inspire your writing for months and years to come.”—Jude Walsh

“Eric’s holistic approach to writing encompasses product and process, which is productive in itself, and he willingly shares his wide knowledge of the publishing jungle. His insights into both the challenges and the joys of writing are profound and inspiring.”—Christian Franklin Svennson

“I’ve had two major pedagogical and life-changing experiences in my life. The first was the Jacques Lecoq Theater School that I attended in Paris. The second is Eric Maisel’s Deep Writing Workshop, which definitely is going to keep me on track as a writer.”—Luc De Smet

Previous Workshops

 “I began my novel in one of Eric’s Deep Writing workshops, finished it in another, and quickly sold it for a lovely advance. Eric and his writing workshops have made all the difference in my writing life.” –Eva Weaver, The Puppet Boy of Warsaw

“This was a wonderful week of encouragement and guidance from Eric that helped me get honest about and confront my anxiety about my writing. I am grateful for the opportunity to spend so much time and energy on my writing this week. Not only did this workshop help me develop confidence in my own writing but it opened my eyes to the larger possibilities and whetted my writing appetite.” – Sara L.

“Eric provided a safe forum for writers to really find their tribe. He encouraged us, validated us, and inspired us. His advice was instantly credible and powerfully pragmatic. But more importantly, he gave us time to devote to our work. It would be nearly impossible to walk away from this workshop and not feel inspired and incredibly productive. To all working and aspiring writers, this is a must-attend retreat.” – Bertina N.

“At some point in the workshop, I regained my drive to write and create meaning in both my inner and outer landscapes. Eric’s leadership made that possible for me and facilitated that shift into my newfound sense of identity as a writer. Thank you, Eric!”—Marian R.

“In the last three years I’ve written, crafted, and stressed about three short stories. In the last three days with Eric, I’ve written, edited, struggled with and enjoyed creating three new short stories. What didn’t seem possible to me previously is now an organized set of tangible techniques, strategies, awareness, and work that I’m producing.” – Muireann O.

“Eric knows the writing process from the inside out and that’s how he teaches it. I’ve learned how to quiet my mind, still my body, and focus my intention. The result? 15,000 words written in a single week and a strengthened conviction that it matters.” – Darlene C.

“I came to the workshop with the desire to resume a writing practice. Never in my wildest imagination did I have the intention of starting a book. Guess what? I have started to write a book! Eric’s lessons have broken down barriers—even my imaginary ones—that have prevented me from writing.” – Carol K.

“Fascinating, funny, and unbelievably useful. Finally, an approach to writing that actually works!” – Susan B.

“It’s hard to get going on a writing project. This workshop provides everything that you need: helpful and inspiring lessons, plenty of time to write, and no sharing or critiques. You will be amazed by how much you will accomplish and you will go home with the tools and motivation to keep at it.” – Amy M.

“I didn’t know what I was looking for when I signed up for Eric Maisel’s Deep Writing workshop. By the end of Day 2, I had found it anyway. He gave me the tools to sustain a writing practice and to honor my desire to write. I can’t think of a better endorsement than to say that I hope that my daughter one day encounters Eric.” – Cynthia B.


About Vancouver, British Columbia

April Bosshard, a writer, writing teacher, and Vancouver local, shared this about her home city:

Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city where the mountains meet the sea. Writers will enjoy Vancouver for its urban offerings set against a gorgeous, natural landscape. The workshop takes place at the Sylvia Hotel, which overlooks English Bay in Vancouver’s West End neighborhood. We’ll be steps from the beach and a stone’s throw from Stanley Park, a large urban green space that is favorably compared to New York’s Central Park. 

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast you’ll appreciate the North Shore mountains for hiking, biking, and skiing. If you love ethnic cuisine Vancouver offers just about any food you can imagine, including some of the most reasonably priced sushi in the world. Not far away you’ll find Granville Island Market, which is beautifully situated on the water and rivals Seattle’s Pike Place Market.

You can still find independent bookstores such as Macleods, Kidsbooks, Pulp Fiction Books, and the New Age bookstore Banyen Books. Music venues, movie theaters, art galleries, and performance spaces dot the downtown core and if you’re into shopping Robson Street (a mini and less pretentious version of Rodeo Drive) is close by. 

Vancouver is home to many writers, filmmakers, and musicians. The workshop is right in the middle of the Vancouver Film Festival, with over 300 films from around the world. And if you want to add on a few days before or after Deep Writing, there are wonderful day trips, overnights, or multi-day excursions (involving car, bus, ferry, float plane, or train): Victoria, Whistler, Sunshine Coast, Bowen Island, Bellingham or Seattle, Tofino, and the Okanagan (our wine country).  Riding a ferry or taking a float plane offers a unique experience in this area.

In short, you will like it in Vancouver. And you will love the workshop. And, I’m betting, the group of writers who attend. Because seating is limited at the Sylvia Hotel venue, I am asking that folks commit early. So, if you’d like to join us, please come on board now. 



 Deep Writing Vancouver

Dates: September 30 – October 4, 2019
Time: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Monday thru Friday
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Workshop Fee: $595 

This is the workshop fee. All travel, lodging and meals are on your own.

Deposit: $195. The deposit is non-refundable but can be applied to any of Dr. Maisel’s online writing workshops (deep writing, memoir breakthrough, or sharpen your pen)

Remainder: The remainder of $400 is due by June 1, 2019. It is non-refundable but can be applied to any of Dr. Maisel’s online writing workshops (deep writing, memoir breakthrough, or sharpen your pen)

Please get your deposit in now. This workshop will fill up!


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