Coach Mentoring

I’ve been coaching coming up on thirty years now. I began the profession of creativity coaching, I provide core trainings for the Creativity Coaching Association, I train creativity coaches, I present coaching workshops around the world, and I maintain a busy coaching practice.

Let me help you get your practice humming!

A coach can spend all of his or her time doing the “recommended things” and still not get a practice going. Building a practice is work, time is short, and it’s easy to get sidetracked and obsessed with “the perfect website” or “effectively using Twitter and Facebook.” What’s best for you? What will really work for you?

Let’s work together and figure that out. We’ll talk on the phone or Skype, exchange emails, and create a plan that you can actually execute and that will really help you. You know that building a practice comes with no guarantees and requires plenty of sweat equity. But you also know that you at least want a fighting chance. Let’s see if we can get you moving in the right direction!


+ An initial two-month commitment

+ $150/month (1 45-minute phone session and email coaching throughout the month)

+ Start any time

+ Re-up for two-month increments

+ Pay here at the store

Get started now! Or begin when you like! (We’ll firm up your start date after payment.). I look forward to working with you!

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