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Dr. Maisel has prepared several very popular, low-cost classes for the community and they are available to you. Once you subscribe to a class, it is automatically delivered to you. Please take a look at the following classes and see if they might serve you.

How To Overcome Depression


Do you have difficulties sleeping? Are you tired a lot? Do you have trouble finding pleasure at home and at work? Is it hard for you to make decisions? Are you uncertain about your path in life, irritable and out of sorts, or hungry all the time? All of these are signs of the modern ache that we have come to call depression–a label that people are pressured to pin on themselves. In this course you’ll learn a new way of thinking about depression and a new method for getting past “symptoms” right to the heart of matter.


4500 people have taken this course!


Overcoming Creative Anxiety


Do you procrastinate? That’s anxiety. Do you resist getting to your work or marketing your work? That’s anxiety. Do you have trouble deciding which creative project to tackle? That’s anxiety. Do you find completing work hard? That’s anxiety. Anxiety is everywhere in the creative process. Learn what to do about it! Learn the sources of your anxiety and anxiety management tools and techniques that will help you create regularly and deeply.


More than 10, 000  people have taken this course!


Achieve Emotional Health in 14 Days


In this course you’ll learn how to quickly improve your mental and emotional health by focusing on simple techniques that take only a few minutes each day. You’ll learn how to grow calmer, achieve better balance, heal the past, and manifest your life purposes. However you experience emotional distress–as anxiety, depression, addiction, procrastination, mental confusion, or physical symptoms–in this class you will receive the tools you need to make every day feel better. Join world-renowned author, lecturer, and mental health advocate Dr. Eric Maisel as he teaches you how to quickly improve your mental health by focusing on life-changing techniques that anyone can master.

More than 1500 people have taken this course


The 12 Keys to Creativity


You know that you want to create. You also know how often you stall, block and give up. What’s getting in the way? Is it really that you don’t have enough time? Is it just a question of discipline? Or is something else going on–something that you can’t pinpoint? In this class, presented by America’s foremost creativity coach, you will finally gain clarity on what it takes to create regularly and deeply. It’s not about time, energy, talent or discipline–those aren’t the real issues! Learn exactly what you need to know to propel your creative life forward. This class pinpoints the real issues facing you: twelve crucial issues confronting every creative person. If you were suddenly handed enough time and all the energy in the world, you would still have to master these issues in order to get your creating done. With this class you will finally get a clear picture of what’s standing between you and the creative work you long to do–and how to get moving forward now!


Overcoming Your Difficult Family


How can you survive–and thrive–in a difficult family? In this class you’ll learn how to stay calm even in a highly stressful environment, how to maintain your balance in the middle of family crises, how to set boundaries that keep you safe and sane, and more. However you experience emotional distress in your family–as anxiety, depression, addiction, procrastination, mental confusion, or physical symptoms–in this class you will receive the tools you need to make every day feel better. Join world-renowned author, lecturer, and mental health advocate Dr. Eric Maisel as he teaches you how to survive and thrive in a difficult family by using life-changing techniques that anyone can master.


Overcoming Meaninglessness


One powerful path to emotional healing is living your life purposes and creating meaning on a daily basis. Our heart aches when we don’t experience life as meaningful and when we don’t feel that we are living our life with passion and purpose. At such times we despair and call ourselves “depressed,” which can lead to a regimen of chemicals and other solutions that do not address our core difficulties. In this 8-week class you’ll learn how you can create meaning every day and heal your heart. When you learn how to identify your life purposes and live them on a daily basis, you create many more experiences of meaning than by just going through the motions in life. You’ll no longer have to search for meaning and you’ll no longer feel bereft of meaning. As meaning becomes a wellspring and an endless resource, you begin to heal the hurts that arise from your ingrained feelings that you do not matter and that you do not have hope. Now is your time to investigate the profound relationships among life purpose, meaning, and emotional health!


You Are What You Think


Millions of smart, sensitive, and creative individuals face the sorts of challenges that Dr. Eric Maisel, America’s foremost creativity coach, has been addressing for over thirty years. But the only challenge they have real control over is getting a grip on their own mind. Philosophers from Marcus Aurelius to the Buddha have proclaimed this to be our essential human task and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is the modern way this age-old message is delivered. That’s why CBT is quickly gaining popularity–so much so in fact, that it is the primary therapy provided by the British Health Service. The central message of Buddhism and CBT are true: you are what you think.


In this unique course Dr. Maisel teaches you a brand new way to get a grip on your mind. Instead of focusing on thoughts, you learn how to employ a powerful metaphor that captures the essence of how your mind works. As a result, you can begin to effectively deal with sadness, anxiety, self-criticism, creative blockage, and all the other challenges you regularly face. Designed especially for smart, sensitive and creative individuals, this new way of looking at the mind will help you live a less fretful, less claustrophobic, more creative, all-around improved life. Don’t miss this exceptional, groundbreaking course!


More than 7500 people have taken this course.

How to Break Free from Trauma

Hundreds of millions of victims of trauma must deal with the negative consequences of trauma while, at the same time, not being helped that much by the current mental health system. These many victims are suffering from the consequences of trauma and may not even know it, because instead of having their traumatic experiences taken seriously they are simply given a diagnostic label and a pill — and the underlying trauma remains unidentified and unaddressed. 

Do you suffer from depression? Anxiety? Addictive behaviors? Relationship difficulties? Difficulties concentrating? Problems with procrastination and motivation? These powerful challenges may be the result of unrecognized trauma. In this groundbreaking class, you’ll learn to recognize the effects of trauma and you’ll receive a complete program for healing from trauma. You may be suffering from the effects of trauma and not even know it. Find out now!






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