Run Your Own Writing Workshop

Creating and Running YOUR Writing Workshop, Class or Retreat

Afternoons Luxembourg Gardens

Afternoons Luxembourg Gardens

I love running writing workshops, classes and retreats. I teach my deep writing workshops all over the world, in places like Paris, London, Rome and Prague and at retreat centers like Esalen, Kripalu, and Omega. I also run writing classes online: a favorite of mine is the one I teach about the importance of place and setting in writing.

If you’re a writer, you likely need to supplement your income, since few writers can make a living just by writing. One excellent way to supplement your income is by running your own writing workshop, class or retreat. Plus leading a workshop, class or retreat is a heart-opening, relationship-building experience! Want to create and run your own writing workshop, class or retreat? Let me teach you how!




Class begins August 14, 2017
+ Nine-week class
+ Low-cost
+ Email-based – no set meeting times – fits every schedule
+ Text included
+ Interactive

Mornings University of Washington Rome Center

Mornings University of Washington Rome Center

Minimum: 8
Maximum: 20
Cost: $225

If the minimum number of 8 isn’t achieved your full course fee will be refunded. You can also get a full refund of your course fee up until July 15, 2017. After that you may apply the fee to another class or workshop.



What we’ll cover:

Dinner Cafe Cassette

Dinner Cafe Cassette

Week 1. Getting Started

Week 2. Picking Your Idea

Week 3. Choosing Your Venue

Week 4. Understanding the Basics

Week 5. Following Through

Week 6. Marketing and Running Your Class, Workshop or Retreat

Week 7. Teaching Online

Week 8. Turning Your Class, Workshop or Retreat into a Book

Week 9. Wrapping Up Your Class, Workshop or Retreat

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