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Diet Like You Mean It! 

Diet Like You Mean It! isn’t about counting calories. You’ve been there and done that. Our program is about living your life purposes and honoring your meaning needs. We invite you to think about losing weight in the context of personal value-based meaning making. Yes, we have lots of practical tips to offer and plenty of things for you to try. But primarily we’re going to teach you how to elevate weight loss to the level of life purpose choice—and explain why that change will make a real difference in your ability to lose weight and keep the weight off. Come take a look!

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Your Best Mind Ever!

Millions of smart, sensitive, and creative individuals face the sorts of challenges that Dr. Eric Maisel, America’s foremost creativity coach, has been addressing for over thirty years. But the only challenge they have real control over is getting a grip on their own mind. Philosophers from Marcus Aurelius to the Buddha have proclaimed this to be our essential human task and cognitive-behavioral therapy is the modern way this age-old message is delivered. That’s why CBT is so popular—so popular, for example, that it is the primary therapy provided by the British National Health Service. The central message of Buddhism and CBT are true: you are what you think.

In this unique low-cost, text-and-audio program Dr. Maisel teaches you a brand new way to get a grip on your mind. Instead of focusing on thoughts, you learn how to employ a powerful metaphor that captures the essence of how your mind works. As a result, you can begin to effectively deal with sadness, anxiety, self-criticism, creative blockage, and all the other challenges you regularly face. Designed especially for smart, sensitive and creative individuals, this new way of looking at the mind will help you live a less fretful, less claustrophobic, more creative, all-around improved life. Don’t miss this exceptional, groundbreaking program!

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Ron Wheatley’s The Smart Solo Business Solution

Is an eight week class designed to streamline, refocus and maximize the value you bring to your clients while allowing you to scale your business.

As a coach, therapist or other solo service provider there are a million things you might do to increase your business and make more money. But there is only so much time and you are only one person. Because time is finite and because you also want time for a life, it’s vital that you make smart decisions about how you use your time and where you focus your attention. The three smartest things you can do are to add automation, streamline with systems, and add well-thought-out products to your services. Learn how to do all three! This class is absolutely crucial to the life and wellbeing of your solo business.

Next Training: July 10 – September 1, 2017


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