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Work one-on-one with Dr. Maisel on your nonfiction book, your nonfiction book proposal, your platform-building efforts and your publishing efforts.

You and Dr. Maisel will work together for a full year, talk via phone or Skype once a month and work via email between calls. Dr. Maisel will also read and help with your book proposal and read portions of your manuscript and help with that, too.

The cost is $275/month with an initial four-month commitment. If this interests you, drop Dr. Maisel an email at and let him know of your interest. Please do not make payment until you and Dr. Maisel have chatted. So drop him an email today and get started!

You can receive a partial refund of $400 any time during the first two months of a given four-month period. After two months, there is no refund available.

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