Natural Psychology: The New Psychology of Meaning

Human beings can create value-based meaning, rather than chasing after meaning, seeking meaning, or pining for meaning. When they do, they reduce their emotional distress and make themselves proud of their efforts.

Natural psychology teaches readers a new model of personality, one that honors the importance and mystery of original personality, the grip of formed personality, and the freedom of available personality. Likewise, it pays close attention to the entanglements of society as it looks at what causes human distress—and what can be done to reduce that experience of distress.

Learn how to make meaning investments, seize meaning opportunities, repair meaning when it leaks away, take vacations from meaning, and orient each day in the direction of personal meaning-making. The principles and practices of natural psychology have the power to change your life—learn them today!

“Dr. Eric Maisel has written a number of widely praised books on creativity and cogently argued books on depression, mania, anxiety, addictions and other disruptive psychological states. Written in a clear, accessible style, his latest Natural Psychology: The New Psychology of Meaning takes his insights to a new level, presenting a complex and nuanced view of the process of ‘value-based meaning-making’ that should be of great interest to a wide audience.”

Louis Breger, Ph.D., founding president, Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis, author Freud: Darkness in the Midst of Vision and Psychotherapy: Lives Intersecting

  “Natural Psychology describes a full and practical psychological approach that places the making of meaning, the role of value, and the acceptance of life with its opportunities and limits at the center of understanding the human experience. Maisel offers well-thought-out suggestions for creatively upping the quality of one’s life and the professional potential of any therapist or coach.”

 — William W. Fraker, LCSW, MPH, PMP, Magellan Health Services

  “Eric Maisel’s Natural Psychology is a wise and refreshing antidote to the current pathology-driven system that equates any distress with mental illness. Maisel encourages readers to evaluate what is most meaningful to them, provides easy-to-follow strategies for staying on track, and offers practical and innovative ways to take the reins of your own life and make it as fulfilling as it can be. Brilliant!”

Judith Schlesinger, PhD, author of The Insanity Hoax: Exposing the Myth of the Mad Genius