Life Purpose Boot Camp Class




Life Purpose Boot Camp Class

Nothing is more important than identifying your life purposes and then living them. In this structured eight-week class you will be helped to name and frame your life purposes and given the tools to put them into practice.

Dr. Eric Maisel has created a unique class that:

+ Helps you understand the nature of meaning, identify your meaning opportunities and your meaning investments, and embrace value-based meaning-making.

+ Provides you with the opportunity to do important work on your life purpose statement, your life purpose icon, and your life purpose mantra.

+ Guides you to live your life purposes on a daily basis and to keep your life purposes alive and present even when life is busy and circumstances trying.

Hundreds of participants have reaped the benefits of Life Purpose Boot Camp Class. Experience it for yourself!

This class is conducted via email and fits every schedule. Participants gather in a cyber group, get to know one another, and share in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Each week you respond to an important lesson and Dr. Maisel personally leads participants in deepening their understanding of meaning and life purpose.

This is the class to take if:

+ You regularly feel unfulfilled – and don’t know where to turn to get fulfilled

+ Meaning has often proven a challenge for you

+ Many days you feel like you’re just going through the motions

+ You know that you have important work to do and important values to uphold but somehow life always seems to get in the way

+ You spend a lot of time sad or anxious, caught up in a cycle of negative thinking, or involved in mind-numbing compulsive activities

+ You know that you have changes to make but you don’t know where to start

+ You want to feel more passionate about life and more powerful in your approach to life

+ You have an intellectual curiosity about meaning and life purpose

+ You want to finally know for yourself what your life purposes are

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Week 1. Creating Your Menu of Meaning Opportunities

Week 2. Creating Your Mix of Meaning Opportunities

Week 3. Upgrading Your Personality

Week 4. Dealing With Your Circumstances

Week 5. Naming Your Life Purposes

Week 6. Creating Your Life Purpose Statement

Week 7. Identifying Your Life Purpose Icon and Mantra

Week 8. Living Your Life Purposes

Duration: 8 Weeks

Completion requirements: There are no completion requirements if you’re taking the class for personal growth. If you’re taking the class as a prerequisite to joining Dr. Maisel’s Life Purpose Bootcamp Instructor Training, you will need to complete the eight weekly lessons.

Cost: $395

Start Dates: January 20, 2014; July 7, 2014

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What Life Purpose Boot Campers Have to Say

“Creating a more meaningful life is essential for anyone, but especially for creative people. Life Purpose Boot Camp will take you step by step from dreaming about a more meaningful life to living it. This camp kicks butt, in a good, meaningful way!”—Janine T.


“If life seems like a meaningless rat race, both over-full and yet somehow empty at the same time, enlist for training in Eric Maisel’s Life Purpose Boot Camp. As one such recruit, I emerged after eight weeks with a clear statement of Life Purpose for the first time, after years of confusion, plus an upgraded personality that provides the stamina to actually live it.”—Christine H.


“I am turning 60 in two months and this boot camp has helped me organize my thoughts around how I can move forward into this new decade and especially as I contemplate what getting older means for my life purpose.  What I’ve discovered is that naming my life purpose is more important now than ever!”—Marjorie T.


“Bored? Lost? Fed up? Frustrated? Life Purpose Boot Camp is for you. But don’t expect a find-purpose-quick formula; you actually have to do the work! Hey, this is boot camp, right? Stick it out and discover what’s important in your life and how you can make the most of it while you’re here on planet Earth.”—Sarah S.


“Life Purpose Boot Camp is an excellent way to give yourself a kick in the seat of the pants to move forward in your creative life.  The work is fun, challenging and rewarding, leading to direct results in the advancement of personal life goals.”—Jill J.


“It was very gratifying to find that on three occasions this week my life purpose statement and mantra sprang to mind to counter negative self-talk and I was able to stop right in the middle of a negative thought loop and get to work on one of my life purpose projects. I realized that I had automatically let my life purposes assert their importance and I felt elated and proud of myself!”—Darilynn S.


“I came in knowing my life purpose but had struggled to live it. The course added greatly to my ability to do so. I now have a way of thinking about it, and a structure to fulfill my life purpose. As my husband Ben went through the course at the same time, examining our life purpose singly and together has really contributed to our ability to live together successfully and peacefully.”—Joanna C.


“I highly recommend Dr. Maisel’s techniques if you want to consolidate your thoughts into a useful set of assets including a life purpose statement, a personal symbol or icon, and a focusing technique for your creative thoughts and inspirations. Thanks for boot camp!”—Honoria S.


“To live my life in a meaningful way is a lifelong task. But it is tremendously helpful to have tools to deal with the fear, anxiety, and resistance. I can see a difference. When a difficult situation arises or life is just hard, the tools really help me through this. All in all boot camp was a wonderful experience that provided me with great ideas and helpful tools to live a meaningful life.”—Nomi F.


Life Purpose Boot Camp Class is a prerequisite to taking the Life Purpose Boot Camp Instructor Training. There is also another way to fulfill the prerequisite. You can take the Essay Option instead of the Life Purpose Boot Camp Class. The Life Purpose Boot Camp Class provides you with the richest grounding but the Essay Option may work better for you given your schedule and your circumstances.

Essay Option

Receive reading materials that provide you with an overview of the work done in Life Purpose Boot Camp Class and learn the principles and practices of value-based meaning-making and natural psychology. You will also receive guidelines as to how to prepare your essay response. The essay option is designed to help you to demonstrate your familiarity with the materials and allows you to provide personalized answers that reflect your unique understanding of the subject.

Time Frame: You can complete the Essay Option before taking the Life Purpose Boot Camp Instructor Training or you can take it simultaneous with the training. Taking it beforehand is an excellent way to get grounded in the materials before the training starts and taking it simultaneously is an excellent way to deepen your experience of the training. Both are viable options: just choose the one that works best for you!

Dates: Year round

Cost: $195

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Life Purpose Boot Camp Instructor Training

Many people—life coaches, therapists, yoga teachers, academics, artists, and folks from all walks of life—are looking for a way to help others, interact with others, and teach something really valuable.

They are also looking for something that doesn’t require that they learn a whole new field or get licensed or certified and that has a real possibility of earning them money.

Running a Life Purpose Boot Camp Class can be that for you!

Why become a Life Purpose Boot Camp Instructor?

+ It is simple. Students do the work. Your main job is to provide a framework, encouragement, support, and feedback.

+ You can get started quickly. Take the Life Purpose Boot Camp Class (or choose the essay option or the one-day intensive option), take the Life Purpose Boot Camp Instructor Training, and begin! It’s that quick and simple.

+ It is important work. Nothing is more important in a person’s life than identifying and articulating her life purposes, learning how to make personal meaning, and living her life purposes. This is profoundly important work for participants – and for teachers!

+ It is field-tested. 300 participants recently went through Life Purpose Boot Camp Class and their real-life experiences inform the Life Purpose Boot Camp Program. You’ll learn what real people have gained from the class and what you can expect from the people you teach.

+ It is clear and organized. You will know exactly what you are offering participants each week of the eight weeks of class.

+ It is free to run. You do not need an office, special software or technological expertise.

+ It can provide the missing ingredient in what you are currently offering. Add meaning and life purpose to your coaching practice, your therapy practice—to whatever service you provide.

+ It fits your schedule. There are no set times when you have to be on the phone, on Skype, or anywhere. It is the perfect class for a busy schedule.

+ You don’t have to draw from your local pool only. Work with people from all over the world!

Take the next Life Purpose Boot Camp Class yourself and see what it’s all about. Or choose the Essay Option – and move right on to the Life Purpose Boot Camp Instructor Training!


Week 1. What is Life Purpose Boot Camp?

Week 2. What materials do I use?

Week 3. How do I conduct the class?

Week 4. How do I respond to participants?

Week 5. How do I personalize the class?

Week 6. How do I handle the logistics of enrollments, payment, and so on?

Week 7. How do I publicize, promote and market the class?

Week 8. What happens after the class ends?

Start Dates: March 24, 2014; September 1, 2014

Duration: 8 Weeks

Cost: $395

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Prerequisite: Life Purpose Boot Camp Class or Essay Option

Life Purpose Boot Camp Class

Essay Option

Become a Life Purpose Boot Camp Instructor now and help others!